At the Hanging Rock, William Ford, 1875

From Picnic at Hanging Rock:

  •  milk and lemonade kept cool in a zinc-lined basket, biscuits; “To Saint Valentine!”
  • “Lunch had been set out on large white tablecloths close by, shaded from the heat of the sun by two or three spreading gums.  In addition to the chicken pie, angel cake, jellies and the tepid bananas inseparable from an Australian picnic, Cook had provided a handsome iced cake in the shape of a heart, for which Tom had obligingly cut a mould from a piece of tin.  Mr Hussey had boiled up two immense billycans of tea on a fire of bark and leaves and was now enjoying a pipe in the shadow of the drag where he could keep a watchful eye on his horses tethered in the shade.” with cream, which Edith helps herself to “lavishly”

From The Secret Garden

  • hot tea, buttered toast, crumpets
  • milk with a cottage loaf or currant buns, heather honey, and clotted cream (sent to the children by Mrs. Sowerby)
  • roast eggs and potatoes with salt and butter

From To The Lighthouse:

  • bread and cheese, sandwiches, yellow cheese, hard boiled eggs, gingerbread nuts
  • “Mr. Ramsay opened the parcel and shared out the sandwiches among them.  Now he was happy eating bread and cheese with the fishermen.”




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