Mad Like Artaud

Artaud, age 2

Mme. M: He took care of us.  When I was little, like all little girls I tried to write poems.  I would bring them to him and ask his opinion.  He would say, “This one’s good.  This ones horrible.  You can fix this one.”  He was so invested in … in what I asked of him.  And at Christmas for example, he took me into his room and we wrote letters and made cards for our parents and slipped them under the napkins for Christmas Eve dinner.  He dictated the letters.  This is to tell you that, ultimately, he was very attached to us.

JL: He was very affectionate.

Mme. M: Yes, very.  I can’t tell you how affectionate.

JL: Also, he was always seeking affection.

Mme. M: Oh yes, always.  Always looking for affection … now how can I put it?  He’d never forget birthdays or holidays.  He would put money aside a long time in advance for these occasions.  He bought mother….  One day after he had seen a statue in a store, he took me there to see if it was suitable, then he went in and bought it!  So you see he was very thoughtful.  He was always trying … to please others.

From the end of the interview between Mme. Marie-Ange Malausséna (Mme. M), Antonin Artaud’s Sister, with Jacques Latrémolière (JL), Artaud’s doctor at Rodez, in Mad Like Artaud by Sylvère Lotringer (trans. Joanna Spinks)

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How sweet!




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