Brief thoughts from Clarice Lispector stories

A Full Afternoon

I don’t agree when you say: “Sorry, but I am not profound.”

You are profoundly human — and what more can you ask from a person?  You have a greatness of spirit.

Have you ever met someone, though, who is just shallow?

Have you ever met people who revel in this shallowness and find great comfort in pretending that profound depths do not exist.

A brief thought.

The Body

He went to see Last Tango in Paris and got awfully turned on.  He didn’t get the movie: he thought it was a sex film.  He didn’t realize it was the story of a desperate man.

I feel like most audiences are this way.  And most directors think they’re making films about desperate men, when they’re really just making sex films to get off on.  And a lot of film-goers defend sex films that turn them on awfully by saying it’s really about a desperate man, not sex, and not being turned on.

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