It’s uphill work making you laugh, Maria.  Anyway, Larry Kulik’s a great admirer of yours.  You know what he said to Carter? He said, ‘What I like about your wife, Carter, is she’s not a cunt.’

Maria said nothing.

‘That’s very funny, Maria, Kulik saying that to Carter, you lost your sense of humour?’

You must laugh at your own degradation , otherwise you’re a bitch. When did humour become a tool of making us complicit in our own destruction?  When did acceptance of you psychic death, the acceptance of the departure of respect, become key factors in how agreeable you are?

It would be less cruel to be torn down viciously in anger and sadness.  But that’s not enough.  You have to laugh along with those who seek to destroy you, those who hate you.  You must enjoy your destruction.  You must praise and coddle those with the power to destroy you, those people who take such pleasure in destroying you, because they are weak and fragile and need the reassurance that their violence is actually fun.



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