Bruno ordered the cocktails and the lunch.  He ordered broiled liver for himself, because of his new diet, he said, and eggs Benedict for Guy, because he knew Guy liked them.


Why was he sitting here with Bruno, eating at the same table as him?  He wanted to fight Bruno and he wanted to weep.  But all at once he felt his curse dissolve in a flood of pity.  Bruno did not know how to love, and that was all he needed.  Bruno was too lost, too blind to love or to inspire love.  It seemed all at once tragic.

“You’ve never been in love, Bruno? Guy watched a restive, unfamiliar expression come into Bruno’s eyes.


In the silence, Therese felt they both waited for the other to speak, yet the silence was not an awkward one.  Their plates had arrived.  They had ordered creamed spinach with an egg on top, steamy and buttery smelling


Carol pronounced her name the French way, Terez.  She was used to a dozen variations, and sometimes she herself pronounced it differently.  She liked the way Carol pronounced it, and she liked her lips saying it.  An indefinitely longing, that she had been only  vaguely conscious of at times before, became now a recognizable wish.  It was so absurd, so embarrassing a desire, that Therese thrust it from her mind.

Eggs in Strangers on a Train:

  • Eggs and grits
  • Raw egg (for a prairie oyster)
  • Ham an eggs (“an unrecognizable dish of vermilion colour,”)
  • Shirred eggs
  • Eggs Benedict

Eggs in The Price of Salt:

  • Creamed spinach with an egg on top
  • Fried eggs, boiled eggs, and an omelette
  • Pink foamy eggnog
  • Hard-boiled eggs (with dill pickles, mozzarella cheese, and caviar sandwiches)
  • Ham and eggs and coffee
  • Undisclosed preparation of eggs (“I want you with me.”/”Do you mean that?”/”Yes.  Eat your eggs.  Stop being silly.”)
  • Scrambled eggs and sausage

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